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1. BESIII ...

1. Useful Tools

2. Analysis Work

1. Analysis of psi(2S) --> KsKpi

2. Analysis of psi(2S) --> Four Final States

3. Analysis of D Decay

Open two browser windows, so that you can follow these steps in one window, while trying things out in the other.

2. CEPC ...

1. Useful Tools

2. Analysis Work

1. Analysis of H--> ZZ*

CEPC ... A Foswiki site is divided into webs; each one usually represents one area of collaboration. You can navigate the webs from each web page; by default, those links are located either in the upper part of a page, below the site logo or in the menu on the right hand side.
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TIP Do not confuse the Jump field with the Search field.

3. Open a private account...

To edit topics, you need to have a Foswiki account.
  • Go to the UserRegistration page to create your own Foswiki account. Fill in a couple of lines and you're set!

BESIII(Beijing Spectrometer III)

CEPC(Circular Electron Position Collider)



Personal Material

BES projects ---- physics analysis

  • psi(2S)--> Ks K \pi @ BOSS664


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