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Title India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)--Physics Reach and Current Status
Speaker D. Indumathi
Date 2013-06-03
Time 15:30
Place 知新楼C911
Speaker's CV D. Indumathi is currently working as a Professor at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences in Chennai, India. She is a member of the proposed INO collaboration, outreach coordinator and co-coordinator of the physics and simulations working group. She has worked on physics related to atmospheric neutrino measurements at the future INO as well as on supernova neutrino signatures and neutrino factories. Apart from neutrino physics, her interests include QCD and related phenomenology, including nucleon spin dependent structure functions,nuclear structure functions (with Prof Zhu Wei of Shanghai), and meson fragmentation functions. Indumathi is also deeply involved in science popularisation in her home country.
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