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Type 学术报告
Title 大亚湾中微子实验近期结果
Speaker 唐炜
Inviter 王萌
Date 2016-04-12
Time 16:00 - 17:00
Place 知新楼C911
Abstract The Daya Bay neutrino experiment has recently updated the oscillation analysis results with 621 days of data in 2015, which has 3.6 times more statistics than the previous publication in 2014. The relative ν¯e rate and spectrum measurement between the near and far detectors yielded the best fit values of sin213 = 0.084 ± 0.005 and |Δm2ee| = (2.42 ± 0.11) × 10−3 eV2. This is currently the most precise measurement of sin213 in the world. The measurement of |Δm2ee| also has a precision that is comparable to the measurements from MINOS and T2K experiments in 2014. Daya Bay also performed several other analyses such as the search for the light sterile neutrino in the 3+1 neutrino framework, and the measurements of the absolute reactor anti-neutrino flux and spectrum.
Speaker's CV 唐炜博士, 2000年至2007年期间在兰州大学攻读理论物理专业学士和硕士学位。2007年至2012年在美国俄亥俄大学攻读实验粒子与核物理专业博士学位,期间的主要研究方向为光子反应下的K*+Λ/Σ0 微分散射截面的测量,以及美国杰佛逊国家实验室 CLAS-12 Preshower 大型粒子探测器的研发和建造。 2014年起在美国布鲁克海文国家实验室担任博士后职位,期间的主要研究方向为大亚湾中微子实验以及液氬(Liquid Argon) 下电子属性的研究。
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