Background Image for Preview

Preview looks like the real page, but the links lead to an oops dialog warning users of not-yet-saved topics. In addition, a background with a "PREVIEW" watermark is shown to have visual clue that you are previewing a topic. You can change the background image by specifying the name of an attached background image file in the PREVIEWBGIMAGE setting in the DefaultPreferences.


  • You also could attach a new image file to this topic.
  • You can override the PREVIEWBGIMAGE setting in your personal home page.

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blankltgraybg.gifgif blankltgraybg.gif 管理 0.9 K 2000-10-03 - 08:48 ProjectContributor Blank white background
blankwhitebg.gifgif blankwhitebg.gif 管理 0.1 K 2000-10-03 - 08:48 ProjectContributor Blank white background
preview2bg.gifgif preview2bg.gif 管理 1.8 K 2002-08-25 - 15:04 ProjectContributor Slanted PREVIEW, 3D
previewbg.gifgif previewbg.gif 管理 1.8 K 2000-10-03 - 08:46 ProjectContributor Slanted PREVIEW watermark
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