This page provides online help for new users of Foswiki when editing a page. If there's some formatting that your contributors use often, you can customize this for your site's particular needs.

Keeping this help text short and simple is important since this page is aimed at new users. It does include pop-up links for more detailed help.

  • 粗体 将文字放在星号间: *文字*
  • 点列表 3 个空格,星号,1 个空格:    * 文字
  • 标题 3 横线,1 至 6 个加号,1 空格: ---++ 标题
  • 斜体 将文字放在下划线间: _文字_
  • 网站连结 使用主题名称: WebHome[[WebHome][首页]]
  • 外部连结, 或 [[][连到 Yahoo]]
  • 等宽 将文字放在等号间: =文字=
  • 段落 用空行分段
  • 更多格式说明优良格式的提示

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