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User Form

This is a maintenance topic, used by the Wiki administrator.

Data form definition of user topics

NameTypeSizeSorted ascendingValuesTooltip messageAttributes
Position select 1 ,教授,副教授,讲师,工程师,技术员,科研助理,博士后,博士生,硕士生,本科生 ,教授,副教授,讲师,工程师,技术员,科研助理,博士后,博士生,硕士生,本科生,其他    
ResearchField select 1 ,实验,理论    
LastName text 40      
FirstName text 40      
Email text 40      
HomePage text 40      
Comment textarea 50x6      
ALERT! Your form changes will only be visible in a user topic after it has been saved. ALERT! Please keep the UserRegistration form and the user form definition in sync. When you update the user form you need to edit/save the Main.NewUserTemplate. This ensures that the fields are in the right order.

A form for new users

If a new user registers, the new user page is prefilled with the contents of Main.NewUserTemplate. That template also contains a user form, based on the form definition in Main.UserForm.

You have created a customized copy of the 'new user' template: Main.NewUserTemplate.

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