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Title A Brief History of Neutrino Physics
Speaker Prof. Christopher White (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Inviter 吴群
Date 8 May 2013
Time 16:00
Place 量子报告厅
Abstract Despite decades of research, neutrinos are still one of the least understood fundamental particles. Despite a world-wide experimental effort over the past 20 years that has started to reveal the neutrino's secrets, there is much more to be learned. One of the hopes is that a detailed study of neutrino properties will help us understand the observed asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the universe. It is also becoming clear that neutrinos play a key role in a variety of astrophysical phenomena, such as supernova explosions. I will review what is currently known about neutrinos as well as near and longer term experimental efforts.
Speaker's CV Faculty and Professional Positions:

Vice Provost, Academic Affairs Illinois Institute of Technology 2013-
Chair, Dept of Physics Illinois Institute of Technology 2011-2013
Professor Illinois Institute of Technology 2010-present
Associate Professor Illinois Institute of Technology 2005-2010
Assistant Professor Illinois Institute of Technology 2000-2005
Visiting Assistant Professor Illinois Institute of Technology 1999-2000
Research Assistant Professor Illinois Institute of Technology 1998-1999

Other Recent Positions

Chair, Institutional Board Daya Bay Collaboration 2011-present
Publication Committee Daya Bay Collaboration 2009-present
Technical Board Daya Bay Project 2007-present
US L2 Project Manager Daya Bay Project 2007-present
Run Coordinator MINOS Experiment 2009-2010
Chair, University Faculty Council Illinois Inst of Technology 2008-2011
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