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Title Dielectron and Direct Virtual Photon Production in Au+Au Collisions at 200GeV at STAR
Speaker Dr. Chi Yang
Inviter 徐庆华
Date 2014-06-26
Time 10:00 am
Place 知新楼C911
Abstract One important physics goal of ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions is to study the fundamental properties of a hot, dense medium created in these collisions. This medium is expected to emit thermal radiation which is in the form of direct photons and dileptons. Once produced, photons and leptons traverse the strongly interacting medium with minimal interactions.
> The fully installed Time-of-Flight Detector in 2010 enables clean electron identi- fication from low to intermediate transverse momentum (pT ). In this talk, we will present the direct virtual photon production for 1<pT<5GeV/c derived from the dielectron continuum in the dielectron invariant mass region0.1<Mee<0.3GeV/c2 from one billion √sNN = 200 GeV Au+Au minimum bias events taken in 2010 and2011.Inaddition,we will present the centrality and pT dependence of dielectron production and the dielectron azimuthal angle correlation in the intermediate mass(1.1< Mee<3 GeV/c2) region in this dataset. The relevant results from √s = 200 GeV p+p collisions taken in 2012 will also be discussed. Comparisons to model calculations including hadronic and partonic thermal radiation will be made for both the direct virtual photon and dielectron production in Au+Au collisions.<br />
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