Frequently Asked Questions

This is a real FAQ, and also a demo of an easily implemented knowledge-base solution. You may view the code for the topic creator or raw text of the whole topic to see how it was done.
  • FAQTemplate is used to populate new FAQ topics with their default content
  • FAQForm is the DataForms definition used on the FAQ topics. Also implements autocomplete function for the RelatedTopics field
  • FAQViewTemplate controls how FAQForm topics look when viewed
  • FAQEditTemplate controls how FAQForm topics look when edited
  • AutoViewTemplatePlugin activates FAQViewTemplate and FAQEditTemplate for topics that have FAQForm attached to them
  • JQueryWikiWord "wikifies" the free-text Title field into a valid WikiWord topic name, prefixed with FAQ
  • JQueryTextboxList for autocomplete functionality on the RelatedTopics field
  • JQREQUIRE activates jQuery javascript plugins in the browser
  • ADDTOZONE inserts in-line javascript to the appropriate place in the rendered page
  • URLPARAM is used to relay the autocomplete request from the web browser into a part of a SEARCH query
  • SEARCH On this topic, displays all topics with FAQForm attached that have TopicClassification set to FrequentlyAskedQuestion. In the FAQForm topic, SEARCH generates the suggested list of topics for a given autocomplete request
  • MAKETEXT will try to use a translation appropriate for the logged-in user's language preference for the string given to it
  • INCLUDE allows topics to re-use content from other topics
  • STARTSECTION/ENDSECTION allows INCLUDE to include specific parts of a topic
  • TWISTY allows hidden content such as this

List of FAQs

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More FAQs

You can create your own local FAQ topics specific to your site. If you create your own FAQs, please consider sharing them at Foswiki:Support.FAQ so that your work may benefit others.

ALERT! These topics are for frequently asked questions including answers. Do not use this to ask support questions!

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