EXPAND{"expression" scope="topictoexpandin" ...}%

Expands macros in expression as if they were used in the topic topictoexpandin. The viewer must have VIEW access to topictoexpandin for this to work. All the standard formatting macros can be used in expression, such as $percent and $quot.

EXPAND can be useful when you want to pick up the value of macros defined in another topic. For example, you might want to define a set of preferences in one topic, but pick up their value in another topic (this is very useful when building reusable applications). In this case you can write:
   * Set MYPREFERENCE = value
in "SettingsTopic" and then, in "MyTopic", write:
%EXPAND{"$percentMYPREFERENCE$percent" scope="SettingsTopic"}%
Of course we can also write:
%EXPAND{"$percentMYPREFERENCE$percent" scope="%OTHERTOPIC%"}%
which lets us select which other topic to get the preference value from.

Additional parameters can be passed to the macro being expanded using the standard macro syntax in the name of the macro; for example,

%EXPAND{"$percentMYPREFERENCE{$quotdefault$quot param=$quotvalue$quot}" scope="SettingsTopic"}%

  • EXPAND is not very efficient, and should be used sparingly.
  • To expand a web preference (for example, a web access control) then set scope="Theotherweb.%WEBPREFSTOPIC%"
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